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Gerrardanthus (Caudex)


The Gerrardanthus genus includes only 5 officially accepted species. The name honors William Tyrer Gerrard - a British plant collector. The Gerrardanthus is a perennial climbing plant with a massive caudex that acts as a water reservoir to survive during drought periods. The size of the caudex can be truly impressive: in some species it can reach up to 1 m in diameter! From the apex of this woody tuber, long stems emerge, that might be even up to 15 m long, on which leaves similar in shape to that of ivy, grow, of a color that can vary from light green to dark green, with very evident veins. The flowers are inconspicuous, similar to orchids, ranging in color from yellowish to brownish-orange. Placed on shelves, the Gerrardanthus species will create a wonderful green cascade effect, which will adorn any type of environment.